New in store

18th January 22 Leopard geckos False water cobra Trinket snake Mudskippers Silver sharks Hellboy fighters

  • skiffia
  • tf mudskippers
  • rr crested gecko
  • tf liv montazuma sword
  • sandfish.jpg
  • fat tail gecko.jpg
  • tf cory julii
  • tfc Pearl scale
  • tf yoyo loach
  • tfm False percula clown
  • tf Penquin tetras

    November 21

    pearl scales
    Penguin tetras
    XL Leopard cory
    Marble hatchets
    Pencil fish
    Pentazona barbs

    • tri band fighter 2.JPG
    • juli.JPG
    • skiffia.jpg
    • pearl scale.jpg
    • koi sword.JPG

    7-Sept 21

    Crown tail and Half moon fighters
    Flag fish
    Pea puffers
    Spotted sawfins
    Blue rams
    YOYO loach 

    • mustard fighter (2)
    • DSC06916
    • DSC06912
    • RA maxima
    • ra grey frog
    • rr crested gecko

    20 July 21

    New tropical fish 
    Spotted sawfin livebearers, Peacock gobies, Pea puffers, Pentazona barbs
    Royal pythons, Butter, Lemon blast, Normal het clown, cinnamon, 
    Cave crickets, Giant centipedes, pancake slugs
    Tadpoles, pool frogs, American green tree frogs, yellowbelly toads
    Green horned frogs, Grey tree frogs, crested geckos.

    • DSC09467
    • crown tail fighter
    • TF yellow
    • tf crowntail betta
    • tf black phantom

      15 Feb 21 delivery of Tropical fish

      Plakot fighters, Congo tetras, lyretail swords, Brochis cats, Peacock gobies, Rummynose tetras.