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  • mustard fighter (2)
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  • RA maxima
  • ra grey frog
  • rr crested gecko

20 July 21

New tropical fish 
Spotted sawfin livebearers, Peacock gobies, Pea puffers, Pentazona barbs
Royal pythons, Butter, Lemon blast, Normal het clown, cinnamon, 
Cave crickets, Giant centipedes, pancake slugs
Tadpoles, pool frogs, American green tree frogs, yellowbelly toads
Green horned frogs, Grey tree frogs, crested geckos.

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  • crown tail fighter
  • TF yellow
  • tf crowntail betta
  • tf black phantom

    15 Feb 21 delivery of Tropical fish

    Plakot fighters, Congo tetras, lyretail swords, Brochis cats, Peacock gobies, Rummynose tetras.

    1st Feb 21

    Royal pythons, Pacman frogs,Dart frogs

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    • pp geum rivale
    • ppl sunny pink
    • pp iris sibrica
    • pp iris bastardi
    • pp baldellia ranunculoides
    • pp houttuynia cordata booboo

      9 April 19

      Pond plants
      Our range of pond plants is now increasing with the improvents in weather, all our pond plants are English nursery grown
      1lt pots only £4.95
      3lt lilly £19.50 (named varieties)

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      • tf red wolf

      14th Nov 18

      Red wolf fish.
      Now back in Red wolf fish (Erythrinus erythrinus) limited numbers £24.00e