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originally just a Tropical fish room, we have now expanded
to cater for every aspect of the hobby,
with tropical, cold water and brackish fish.
Here you will find a true "Alladins cave" with everything from guppy's
to exotic Lno plecs.
With over twenty years experience of importing fish we have many unusual species of fish; we stock all the old favourites such as neon tetras and angels,but you will also find more unusual fish.
What you wont find in our fish room are artificially dyed or coloured fish
and we are part of the practical fishkeeping anti dyed fish campaign.
Our fish room is backed up with an extensive range of dry goods and aquariums from JBL,NT Labs, Betta, Juwel and many more;
we have aquariums to suit all budgets and sizes.
Wether you are new to the fishkeeping hobby or a veteran fishkeeper
we will have something for everybody.
we always have a selection of the more common and favourite tropical fish.

Juwel Aquariums

We are a Juwel Gold dealer 
We have a vast selection of Juwel spares and accessories in stock as well as the aquariums themselves, if we don't have the part or aquarium colour you are looking for we can very quickly get it for you.

Juwel aquariums
Dennerle plants

Aquarium plants

Our aquarium plants are sourced from Netherlands, renouned for outstanding quality plants.