We have moved (but not far), Now located at: Woodfarm business centre Crowfield road, Stonham Aspal IP6 9TH

Abbey Aquatics & Reptiles

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 9:30-5:00pm

Saturday 10:00 - 5:00pm

Sunday 10:00 - 4:00pm

Late night Wednesday until 6:00

Shut Christmas day, Easter Sunday & New years day

Bank Holidays run to Sunday opening

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New in

Clown isopods
Yellow spot isopods
Granulated isopods
Lilly white crested geckos
Gee line dwarf boas
Double tail fighters
Pentazona barbs
English koi carp
Golden orfe
mixed goldfish
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About us

You will find us in Located in Woodfarm business centre in Suffolk on the A1120 between Stonham Aspal and Pettaugh.
Established in 1991 as a Tropical fish shop Abbey Aquatics & Reptiles has become Suffolk's favourite Independent exotic pet shop
catering not only for Tropical fish hobbyist but also for the reptile and aquatic hobbyist.
We pride ourselves in selling quality products at affordable prices, stocking a wide range of reptile and aquatic products,
including both Frozen and live foods for both reptiles and aquatic animals.
Our dedicated reptile room boasts an excellent selection of reptiles whilst our fish house contains a wide variety of aquatic livestock,
covering Tropical, coldwater, marine and brackish water fish.
Our pond department stocks a wide range of both fish and plants for ornamental garden ponds and wildlife gardens, we stock both ornamental and native fish and plants and all our pond plants are English Nursery grown and are of outstanding quality.
Ample free parking, staffed by experienced hobbyists and open seven full days a week.

Gray tree frog